BUDGET - Mini Inkless Foot Print Hand Print Kit

BUDGET - Mini Inkless Foot Print Hand Print Kit
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Ideal for taking baby footprints, fingerprints and handprints. No Mess as the system uses no ink.

BUDGET KIT comes with 2 sheets of mini size (14 cm x 21.7cm) inkless thick coated paper

  • 1 white sheet (14cm x 21.7cm)
  • and 1 manila sheet (14cm x 21.7cm)
  • 1 Applicator Towelette
  • All presented in folder with full instructions on inside flap

Just wipe the foot with the towelette supplied and touch to the special coated paper. Within seconds a black print will appear.

One Towelette can produce upto 8 prints.

BUDGET MINI Kit comes with HALF SIZE (mini) PAPER Great basic starter kit with budget price .

Inkless paper and applicator comes in a presentation folder with instructions on the inside flap. (not just an envelope like other kits)

Ideal Gift for the new mum.

Great basic starter kit with budget price

Prints are crisp and clear and are easily scanable for use in a number of creative ways.  (People have even transferred them to use as a tattoo)

The special inkless towelette wipe can only be used with the coated paper provided. The wipe can print upto 8 prints with one wipe but must be used immediately after opening the package or it will dry out. 

Rally Run Gifts can transfer your prints to our large range of products for you at no extra cost. Just choose and purchase any of our products and send us the hand/foot prints or scan and email them to us to create a unique keepsake.

Prints can be resized, coloured and personalised to match the style of the product you purchase.

Birth plaques, Mouse mats, Stubby holders, bibs, keyrings and lots more.  SEE IN STORE

Great for gifts. (Grandma will love it!) 

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